Grandidierite & Mountain Texture Cuff

sterling silver, 14k gold & grandidierite

This cuff bracelet is a less literal representation of the pristine lakes and mountains in the Tetons. When making it, I was imagining sitting by Leigh Lake looking at the glimmering water and the jagged peaks towering above.

I hope the wearer of this bracelet uses it as a reminder to slow down and notice the subtle details in life... to go sit by a lake and just be still with nature. May it inspire you to notice your surroundings like the texture in the mountains and the way the water sounds as it gently laps against the shore.  

Watch this piece come to life!

Please keep in mind, grandidierite has a broad range of color and opacity. The stone colors in your made to order cuff will likely be different than the one pictured.

Check out the Cuff Bracelet Size Chart for instructions on measuring your wrist and include your size in the notes section in your cart. 

How to put the cuff on: Place the opening of the cuff over the narrow part of your wrist on the thumb side. Roll the opening across the top of your wrist. If need be, you can very slightly adjust the opening to be the perfect space for your wrist. However, once adjusted it should not be moved again. Pulling the ends of the cuff away from each other or pushing them together too much will alter the shape.

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