Grandidierite & Mountain Texture Cuff

sterling silver, 14k gold & grandidierite

Step into the realm of timeless beauty with the Grandidierite and Mountain Texture Cuff, an artistic homage to the serene lakes and majestic peaks of the Tetons. As I crafted this bracelet, my mind wandered to tranquil moments by Leigh Lake, where the shimmering waters mirror the rugged heights above.

Let this cuff serve as a gentle nudge, urging you to embrace the art of slowing down to savor life's subtle nuances. Take a seat by a peaceful lakeside and let nature envelop you. Allow the intricate texture of the mountains and the soothing melody of lapping water to captivate your senses.

Please note that grandidierite exhibits a diverse range of colors and opacities, ensuring that each made-to-order cuff will possess its own unique charm.

Allow this Grandidierite and Mountain Texture Cuff to adorn your wrist, an exquisite symbol of your connection to nature's tranquility and the captivating allure of the mountains.

For a perfect fit, refer to the Cuff Bracelet Size Chart to measure your wrist. Putting on this cuff is simple: position the opening over the narrow part of your wrist near the thumb side and roll it gently across the top. Slight adjustments can be made if necessary, ensuring a comfortable fit. However, once adjusted, it is advised to maintain the shape without further alteration, as excessive pulling or pushing may affect its form. 


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