Grandidierite Cuff

sterling silver, 14k gold & grandidierite

Transport yourself to the serenity of an alpine lake with the Grandidierite Cuff, a simple piece that captures the essence of tranquility. Imagine a moment in time, basking in the peaceful ambiance, as the sun's rays dance upon the teal waters and the gentle lapping of the shore creates a soothing melody. Much like the ever-changing hues of the water, the grandidierite in this cuff exhibits its own unique character, influenced by the ambient light it encounters. Let this Grandidierite Cuff be a wearable reminder of those serene moments by the alpine waters, evoking a sense of calm and connection to the beauty of nature.

For a harmonious ensemble, consider pairing the Grandidierite Cuff with a Teton Cuff, creating a captivating representation of a pristine lake nestled at the base of majestic mountains.

You have the option to select a light blue, medium or dark teal stone. Refer to the grandidierite color reference image to choose a shade. Please keep in mind that grandidierite exhibits vast variations in color and opacity, making each pair truly unique. 

For a perfect fit, refer to the Cuff Bracelet Size Chart to measure your wrist. Putting on this cuff is simple: position the opening over the narrow part of your wrist near the thumb side and roll it gently across the top. Slight adjustments can be made if necessary, ensuring a comfortable fit. However, once adjusted, it is advised to maintain the shape without further alteration, as excessive pulling or pushing may affect its form.  


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