Teton Necklace

sterling silver & grandidierite

This necklace captures the essence of a moment suspended in time, where you find yourself deeply connected and present in a pristine mountainous landscape. Imagine the serenity that surrounds you as you breathe in the crisp mountain air, the majestic peaks towering above and the harmony of nature resonating deep within. Allow the Teton Necklace to serve as your wearable talisman, guiding you to recharge and find balance in the embrace of nature.

Its larger size embodies the grandeur of the mountains, evoking a sense of awe and reverence for the natural world. Crafted with meticulous care, this necklace showcases intricate texture, capturing the rugged beauty of mountainous terrain. 

As you wear this necklace, let it be a constant reminder of the power and serenity that lie within untamed landscapes. With each touch, feel the energy of the mountains resonate within you, igniting a sense of grounding and a longing to venture into the great outdoors.

For a personalized fit, the chain length of this necklace can be tailored to your preference. If the length option you prefer isn't an option, simply share your desired length in the notes section of your cart and I'll gladly accommodate your request. Please note, an additional fee may apply for a longer chain. It is finished with a simple lobster clasp.

Pendant Dimensions: 54mm wide | 15mm tall | 2mm deep


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