Horizontal Cedar Necklace

sterling silver & green rutile

The Horizontal Cedar Necklace evokes a deep sense of appreciation for the subtle beauty that surrounds us. With this piece adorning your neckline, you'll be inspired to immerse yourself in the present moment and embrace the wonders of the natural world.

Whether you're venturing through rugged trails or savoring a night out, this versatile necklace becomes a cherished companion, infusing every experience with a touch of nature's magic. It serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, observe the delicate details and find joy in the simplest of moments.

The necklace is finished with an oxidized patina which artfully accentuates the intricate texture, bringing the details to life. It measures at approximately 17.75" in length, including the cedar centerpiece. The chain is secured to the cedar ensuring that the lobster clasp, accented by a subtle touch of color, remains at the back of your neck. 

Dimensions of Centerpiece: 26mm tall | 76mm wide | 1.5mm deep


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