Green Sapphire Stacking Ring

sterling silver, 14k gold & green sapphire

The Green Sapphire Stacking Ring evokes the tranquil shade of sage, mirroring the soft foliage underfoot and nature's quiet allure. Let it encourage you to embrace mindfulness, drawing your attention to the often overlooked subtleties of life.

Wear this ring alone as a gentle reminder to stay present in every moment, infusing your day with mindful awareness. Alternatively, stack it with some Hammered Stacking Rings or additional gemstone rings to craft a distinctive and meaningful expression of your individuality.

When worn with a Mountain Stacking Ring, it's intended to evoke the sage on the valley floor at the base of the mountains. This combination embodies the harmony of nature's colors, from the heights of the mountains to the depths of the valleys.

Half Round Ring Band: 1.5mm wide | Stone Size: 5x7mm


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