Mountain Texture Earrings with Grandidierite

sterling silver, 14k gold & grandidierite

Immerse yourself in the playful yet elegant essence of these earrings, which capture the spirit of the pristine lakes and majestic mountains in the Tetons. As I crafted these earrings, my imagination wandered to peaceful moments by Leigh Lake, where the glimmering water and towering peaks created a breathtaking scene.

May these earrings serve as a gentle reminder to slow down and embrace the subtle details that enrich our lives. Let them transport you to the stillness of sitting by a tranquil lake, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Allow them to inspire a heightened awareness of your surroundings, drawing your attention to the captivating textures of the mountains and the soothing melody of water gently caressing the shore.

Dimensions: 23mm tall | 12.5mm wide | 2mm deep

You have the option to select light blue or medium to dark teal stones. Please keep in mind that grandidierite exhibits vast variations in color and opacity, making each pair truly unique.


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