Cedar Necklace with Green Sapphire

sterling silver, 14k gold, green sapphire & green rutile

How often do you pause to appreciate the intricate details that surround you? The delicate texture of a cedar sprig, the unique needles of a pine tree or or the sparkle of a cold frost in the sun? Noticing these subtle beauties in life invites us to live mindfully and embrace a deeper sense of gratitude. This necklace is designed to inspire you, drawing your attention to the remarkable beauty found in everyday moments. 

Nestled between two graceful cedar sprigs, a mesmerizing green sapphire rose cut takes center stage, cradled within a gold setting. Expect slight variations in the shape and size of the sapphire, reflecting the natural diversity found in the world around us.

Measuring approximately 17.5" in length, the chain is securely fastened to the centerpiece ensuring the lobster clasp, delicately accented with a touch of color, remains comfortably in place at the back of your neck. The oxidized finish enhances the texture of the cedar sprigs, allowing their intricate beauty to shine.

For a personalized fit, the chain length of this necklace can be tailored to your preference. Just share your desired length in the notes section of your cart and I'll gladly accommodate your request. Please note that an additional fee may apply for a longer chain.

Dimensions of Centerpiece: 11mm tall | 58mm wide | 4mm deep


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