Cedar Ear Jackets with Green Rutile

sterling silver, 14k gold & green rutile

The Cedar Ear Jackets are not only a versatile accessory but also a wearable symbol of embracing the hidden wonders of the world around you. They serve as a gentle reminder to seek out the hidden beauty in the forest, beckoning you into a world of enchantment that eagerly awaits your discovery.

These earrings will effortlessly elevate your style. They offer a delightful playfulness, allowing you to explore three distinct ways of wearing them:

1. For a classic and timeless earring look, start by threading the ear post through the cedar sprig. Then, place the post through your ear allowing the cedar to elegantly adorn the front of your earlobe. 

2. To create captivating depth and interest, thread the ear post through your ear first. Then thread it through the cedar.

3. For a simple statement, adorn yourself with the Green Rutile Studs alone. 

Each green rutile possesses its own distinctive color and opacity, mirroring the marvelous variations found in nature while ensuring each pair of earrings is one of a kind. The stones' translucency gracefully captures the silver backdrop, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow, reminiscent of sun kissed leaves dancing in the forest. Embrace this enchanting touch of ethereal radiance to your appearance.

Included with the ear jackets are a pair of comfort clutch earring backs, designed to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to wear them with ease and confidence.

Dimensions: 11.5mm wide | 33mm tall | 7mm deep (not including ear post)


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