The Teton Collection

Welcome to The Teton Collection, a blend of the enchantment that thrives in the majestic landscapes of the Tetons. These handcrafted pieces are designed to transport you to serene moments by tranquil waters or amidst awe-inspiring mountain vistas. They serve as cherished reminders of your connection to nature, inviting you to slow down, immerse yourself in the beauty of life and find stillness in peaceful surroundings.

At the heart of this collection lies grandidierite, a rare mineral chosen for its stunning teal hues reminiscent of the pristine glacial and alpine waters that grace the Tetons. Just as nature revels in boundless diversity, each stone possesses its own unique characteristics with a vast range of color and opacity. As you gaze upon and adorn yourself with these pieces, may you feel the calming and renewing essence of these colors, drawing you closer to the serene energy of these natural wonders.