Cascade Earrings

sterling silver, 14k gold & grandidierite

These earrings were inspired by the glacial lakes high up in the mountains with water cascading from them down the canyon walls. The lakes and rivers and waterfalls here in the Tetons are always pristine and beautiful, but when the sun hits them, they’re brilliant. Same goes for these earrings. The color of the grandidierite stones is gorgeous in any light. But put some sun behind them and they glow! 

The cascading fringe has delicate movement when you wear them. I hope they capture a moment in time when you were captivated by magical waters. 

Grandidierite varies quite a bit in color and opacity. Please specify in the notes if you prefer the lighter or darker color and expect your stones to have their own character. 

Dimensions: Approximately 59mm long | 9mm wide | 4.5mm deep

Watch these earrings come to life here!

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