Cascade Earrings

sterling silver, 14k gold & grandidierite

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of the Cascade Earrings, a tribute to the glacial lakes nestled high in the mountains, where water cascades down the canyon walls in a breathtaking display. These lakes and cascades exude pristine beauty, but when the sun's rays caress their surface, they transform into dazzling spectacles of brilliance. The captivating hues of grandidierite represent these glacial and alpine waters, coming alive with an enchanting glow when embraced by the sun's gentle touch.

With delicate cascading fringe that gracefully moves as you wear them, these earrings embody a moment of enchantment, evoking memories of being captivated by the magic of serene waters. 

You have the option to select light blue, medium or dark teal stones. Refer to the grandidierite color reference image to choose a shade. Please keep in mind that grandidierite exhibits vast variations in color and opacity, making each pair truly unique. 

Let the Cascade Earrings transport you to the realm of wonder, where nature's cascades come alive and you can embrace the ephemeral beauty that surrounds us.

Dimensions: Approximately 59mm long | 9mm wide | 4.5mm deep

Watch these earrings come to life here!


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