Green Sapphire Ring

sterling silver, 14k gold & green sapphire

Adorn your finger with a touch of nature's brilliance, whether it's paired with other pieces from The Cedar Collection or worn as a standalone statement of elegance. This ring showcases a mesmerizing rose cut green sapphire, chosen for its exquisite hue that beautifully echoes the essence of cedar.

Each Green Sapphire Ring is handcrafted with a unique stone, ensuring that no two rings are alike. Just like in nature, expect variations in shape and size that add to the individuality and charm of your ring. Revel in the beauty of these natural variations, as they symbolize the organic and ever-changing wonders of the world around us. The color of the sapphire shown in these images is representative of the stones set aside for this piece.

This ring will be made to order ensuring a personalized fit. Simply specify your ring size in the notes section of your cart. 

Dimensions of Stone (varies): ~14mm tall | 11mm wide | 3mm deep

Half Round Ring Band: 2.5mm wide


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