Cedar Necklace with Green Sapphire

sterling silver, 14k gold, green sapphire, emerald & apatite

Limited Availability

How often do you stop to look at the subtle details around you? The texture of a cedar sprig, the individual needles of a pine tree or the sparkle of a cold frost in the sun? Noticing the little details in life can help us live more mindfully and fill us with gratitude. 

This necklace is intended to inspire you. To draw attention to subtle beauty in hopes of encouraging you to approach seemingly ordinary moments with a sense of wonder.

It measures at approximately 17.5” long including the cedar sprigs and sapphire. The chain is secured to the cedar, ensuring that the lobster clasp, accented by a subtle touch of color, will always stay put on the back of your neck. An oxidized finish allows the texture of the cedar sprigs to stand out. 

This necklace will be made to order with the stone of your choice. This means certain customizations can be made such as a different length chain. Contact Stephanie to discuss customizations. 

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