Cedar Earrings with Green Rutile

sterling silver, 14k gold & green rutile


How often do you pause to admire the subtle wonders around you? The delicate veins of a leaf, the intricate patterns on a moss-covered stone or the glistening morning dew on a fern frond? Noticing these gentle marvels in life can awaken a sense of mindfulness and gratitude within us.

These earrings are designed to inspire. They serve as a gentle reminder to seek out the hidden beauty in the forest's embrace, beckoning you into a world of enchantment that eagerly awaits your discovery.

With their unique variations, the green rutile stones ensure that each pair is truly one of a kind, reflecting the individuality and charm found in nature's own masterpieces. As the translucency of the stones interact with the silver beneath, a mesmerizing glow emerges, adding an enchanting touch to its beauty. 

Dimensions: 60mm tall | 23mm wide | 6mm deep


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