Horizontal Lupine Necklace

sterling silver, lavender amethyst & iolite

Embrace the gentle whisper of spring with the Horizontal Lupine Necklace. This piece is an homage to the untamed beauty of wildflower meadows, where lupine flowers bloom in abundance, painting the landscape with their vibrant colors.

Designed for comfort and elegance, this necklace transitions effortlessly from the rustic paths of nature to the refined grace of evening wear, ensuring you carry the spirit of the wildflower meadow with you. With your choice of length, it gracefully complements any neckline, embodying the adaptability of nature itself. The design anchors the lupine at the center, with a chain secured at each end and a lobster clasp highlighted by a subtle touch of color, ensuring the piece's focal point is always in view.

The necklace's earthy, satin finish mirrors the softness of lupine petals, a less reflective choice that enhances the natural allure of the piece. Let the Horizontal Lupine Necklace be your portal to a serene wildflower meadow, a reminder to slow down and immerse yourself in the fleeting, ethereal beauty of nature's blossoms.


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