Sustainability at S. Howell Studios: Crafting Jewelry with a Purpose
January 20, 2024

Sustainability at S. Howell Studios: Crafting Jewelry with a Purpose

At S. Howell Studios, my passion for creating handcrafted jewelry is deeply intertwined with a commitment to preserving the planet we call home. I believe every piece of jewelry should not only inspire but also contribute to a sustainable future. Here’s a look at the choices I’m making toward a greener, more responsible world.


1% for the Planet Membership

As of January 1st, 2023, S. Howell Studios has been a proud member of 1% for the Planet. This global network is dedicated to making a positive impact on our environment. At least one percent of all sales go toward supporting approved environmental partners, amplifying our collective efforts to protect and preserve the Earth.


Currently, S. Howell Studios is partnered with Swan Valley Connections, a nonprofit organization in Montana, to support collaborative conservation and education initiatives. My contributions are aimed at making a tangible difference in the natural world we cherish.

Carbon Offseting Commitment

I recognize the importance of addressing climate change which is why every jewelry order is shipped with free carbon offsetting. Through a partnership with Cloverly, a company specializing in carbon offset solutions, S. Howell Studios invests in projects across the globe that either remove or avoid an equivalent amount of CO2.
Carbon emissions are offset for every order contributing to a greener, cleaner future. It's one way of ensuring that even the smallest aspects of my business are aligned with my sustainability goals. Take a look at the offsetting projects S. Howell Studios invested in in 2023:

Mindful Studio Practices

Eco-conscious practices have always been at the forefront of my studio space to minimize waste and reduce my environmental footprint:
  • Second-Hand Items: I prioritize using second-hand furniture, fixtures and equipment throughout othe studio.
  • Waste Reduction: I actively minimize waste and utilize biodegradable waste bags for the small amounts generated each year.
  • Energy Efficiency: My studio uses energy-efficient LED light bulbs to reduce energy consumption.
  • Recycling and Composting: I recycle or compost all possible packaging materials received with tools, supplies and inventory. Chipboard is shredded and composted, cardboard, stretchy plastic and more are recycled. 
  • Eco-Friendly Alternatives: I employ eco-friendly alternatives to common chemicals, reducing the environmental impact of certain jewelry making processes.
You can read more about my studio practices here.

Responsible Sourcing

I carefully select tools, supplies, and inventory from companies that share my dedication to the planet such as Rio Grande, a net zero energy company, Hoover & Strong, offering recycled and fair mined products, and Halstead, a solar-powered company that utilizes recycled packaging and provides recycled metal options. I prioritize the use of recycled metals whenever possible.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

I prioritize the use of recyclable and/or compostable packaging materials. All packaging materials, excluding the foam insert inside the jewelry boxes, are made from FSC certified or recycled materials. Even the shipping labels are biodegradable, ensuring minimal environmental impact throughout the packaging journey.

Quality and Longevity

Each piece I create is handcrafted in small batches using quality materials. S. Howell Studios jewelry is designed to stand the test of time, ensuring it can be passed down and enjoyed for generations. I strive to ensure my work is never destined for a landfill, as the materials can be reused indefinitely.

Continuous Improvement

I’m dedicated to making a positive impact which means continually seeking ways to enhance my sustainability efforts. I actively follow, read, research and learn from sustainability experts to improve my practices.
By choosing S. Howell Studios, you're not just investing in beautiful, handcrafted jewelry; you're also supporting a business with a deep commitment to the planet. Every purchase you make contributes to ongoing efforts to create a more sustainable world. Thank you for being part of the journey to protect and preserve the Earth.

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