Nature-Inspired Versatility: Crafting Your Unique Ring Story
November 11, 2023

Nature-Inspired Versatility: Crafting Your Unique Ring Story

In a world that often rushes by, your jewelry should be more than just adornment; it should be an expression of your connection to nature, a reminder to slow down and a celebration of individuality. At S. Howell Studios, I’ve curated a collection of stacking rings that invite you to embrace the beauty of the natural world while expressing your unique style. Let’s explore some of the many styling possibilities. 

 At the core my collection lies the Mountain Stacking Ring, a symbol of strength, grounding and connection to the earth. When paired with the gemstone stackers, these combinations take on special meanings.

 Grandidierite Stacking Ring

Pairing one of the Grandidierite Stacking Rings with a Mountain Stacking Ring is like discovering a tranquil alpine lake nestled at the base of the mountains. The serene hues of the grandidierite reflect the stillness of the water, inviting you to find peace in its depths.

Mountain Stacking Ring



Green Sapphire Stacking Ring

When the Mountain Stacking Ring is worn with the Green Sapphire Stacking Ring, it's intended to evoke the sage on the valley floor at the base of the mountains. This combination embodies the harmony of nature's colors, from the heights of the mountains to the depths of the valleys. 



 Green Rutile Stacking Ring

When you wear a Green Rutile Stacking Ring with the Mountain Stacking Ring, it's meant to transport you to the forest at the base of the mountains. The green rutile's organic allure mirrors the verdant pines that thrive in the shadows of towering peaks.


Green Stacking Ring Set

This set is a harmonious blend of nature's green hues and textures, designed to transport you to the heart of a tranquil landscape. It features a captivating large Prehnite Ring, reminiscent of dappled sunlight filtering through a leafy canopy, creating an enchanting play of light. Nestled above is a horizontal Green Sapphire Stacking Ring, evoking the calming shade of sage, while a pear-shaped Green Rutile Stacking Ring evokes the textures and gentle light found within a forest. To ensure a perfect fit and endless styling possibilities, the set includes three Hammered Stacking Rings that act as versatile spacers, allowing you to wear the gemstone rings together or individually, mix and match and create unique combinations.


Grandidierite Stacking Ring Set

Elevate your connection to nature with the Grandidierite Stacking Ring Set, an ode to the serene beauty of glacial and alpine waters. The trio of gemstone rings features the gradient of Grandidierite, ranging from gentle light blue to deep, soothing shades of medium to dark teal. Grandidierite's natural variations in color, opacity and inclusions ensure that your set is as unique as the landscapes it evokes. Wear the full set to experience the magnificent range of colors these gemstones offer or mix and match with the included Hammered Stacking Rings to create personalized combinations. Whether worn as a set or individually, these rings inspire you to slow down and appreciate the subtle details of life, just as you would when gazing at the tranquil waters of an alpine lake.



Hammered Stacking Rings

These versatile rings offerendless styling options. Wear the three stackers on their own for a minimalist look.

Hammered Stacking Rings


Create a unique stack by layering a gemstone stacking ring between a set of three hammered stacking rings.

Grandidierite Stacking Rings


 Pair a gemstone ring with a hammered stacking ring on either side to add texture and depth like this customer did.

Grandidierite Ring 


 Or craft your own unique narrative, like this customer did, by selecting gemstones that resonate with what inspires you. Perhaps choose a Grandidierite Ring to mirror the tranquil allure of your favorite lake and a Green Rutile Stacking Ring as a gentle reminder to savor the feeling of being in a forest.


 The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination, allowing you to curate a jewelry collection that speaks to your connection with the natural world while expressing your unique style.

With S. Howell Studios ring stacking options, your jewelry becomes a canvas for self-expression, mindfulness and an ode to nature. Whether you choose the serene hues of the Green Stacking Ring Set, the captivating gradients of the Grandidierite Stacking Ring Set or the grounding symbolism of the Mountain Stacking Ring, you're invited to slow down, embrace the changing seasons of life and find wonder in the ordinary.
Ready to explore the beauty and versatility of stacking rings? Browse now to create a combination that resonates with your unique style and connection to nature.

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