My Halstead Grant Experience
July 06, 2023

My Halstead Grant Experience

As I sit down to reflect on the remarkable journey that led me to win the Halstead Grant this year, I’m delighted, honored, grateful and filled with a sense of accomplishment. The Halstead Grant, a prestigious recognition for jewelry makers in their first five years of business, presented an opportunity for me to showcase my dedication, passion and commitment to life as a small jewelry business owner. Applying for the grant was a multifaceted process with transformative impacts on my business.

My journey began in 2019 when I achieved a top 5 placement, followed by becoming a finalist in 2020. The following year, eligibility was extended to jewelers in their first five years of business rather than three. Opting to wait until I had gained more experience before applying for my third and final time, I seized the opportunity this year with a significantly stronger application, showcasing a deeper understanding of the intricacies of small business life.
As I embarked on the application journey for the third time, I approached it with a sense of familiarity, understanding the demanding nature of the process that calls for careful consideration and unwavering attention to detail. From the comprehensive marketing and sales questions to the thought-provoking financial component, each section prompted me to dig deep, examine my business from every angle and articulate my vision with clarity. 
The Halstead Grant application process served as a catalyst for growth and self-improvement. As I crafted my responses and gathered the necessary materials, including photos of my work and a detailed resume, I was compelled to analyze my business strategy, refine my marketing efforts and evaluate my financial plans. It pushed me to think strategically, seek guidance from professionals and envision a future that surpassed my own expectations.
The comprehensive nature of the Halstead Grant application required me to confront challenges head-on and develop a deep sense of confidence in my work. I honed my business skills through countless hours of research, planning and seeking feedback. The process reminded me that perseverance, determination and continuous professional development are the keys to success in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.
Winning the Halstead Grant is a momentous achievement and a testament to the dedication I’ve poured into S. Howell Studios. The recognition, resources and support that come with this prestigious award will propel me forward on my entrepreneurial journey and has empowered me with a renewed sense of confidence. I’m eager to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and continue to create nature inspired jewelry that inspires the wearer to slow down and soak up the beauty in life.

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