From Inspiration to Creation: Celebrating 4 Years of S. Howell Studios
June 15, 2023

From Inspiration to Creation: Celebrating 4 Years of S. Howell Studios

As S. Howell Studios approaches its 4th birthday on June 21st, I'm filled with a sense of awe and gratitude. It seems like only yesterday, and yet also a lifetime ago, I began this remarkable journey. In crafting jewelry that inspires others to slow down, embrace the present moment and soak up the beauty that surrounds us, I've not only created meaningful pieces but fostered a more mindful and fulfilling life for myself. As I pause to reflect on the growth and milestones achieved, I’m reminded once again, good things truly take time.

For the first few years, I focused on botanical jewelry as a way to draw attention to subtle beauty that often goes overlooked. I launched S. Howell Studios on the summer solstice in 2019 with The Leaf & Twig Collection, inspired by early summer in the Tetons.


Leaves dancing in the gentle breeze and the delicate rain droplets sprinkling the forest, inspired me to create a collection. I pressed leaves into clay to get an impression, poured wax on the imprints and cast the wax into silver.

These handcrafted silver fossils were adorned with vivid green peridot, capturing the essence of leaves, iridescent rainbow moonstone symbolizing glistening dew droplets and apatite and London blue topaz evoking the tranquil allure of water. With the exception of the Round Leaf Studs and the Twig Cuff, two of the best sellers, this collection has been discontinued. 

In 2020, I welcomed spring with The Blooming Lupine Collection. Inspired by the mesmerizing floral whorls of lupine, my favorite wildflower, I set out to create wearable works of art that captured the essence of these exquisite buds.


Each piece in the collection, with its satin finish, reflected the soft and silky nature of the lupine buds, mirroring their delicate allure. It was during this time my fascination with rose cut stones took hold, as their facets added a captivating visual appeal while their flat backs allowed for seamless bezel settings in gold. To complement the hues of the lupine that inspired me, I selected tanzanite and silk sapphire. With every design, I sought to create a cherished reminder for wearers to pause, observe and fully appreciate the intricate details within each and every lupine bloom. With the exception of the beloved Wrap Around Lupine Ring, which remains a bestseller, the rest of this collection has been retired.


Continuing my exploration of botanical textures, I introduced The Cedar Collection, paying tribute to the lush evergreen forests and the exquisite charm of cedar. 


Using impressions of live cedar sprigs, I preserved the very essence of cedar in handcrafted silver pieces. The mineral inclusions in the green rutile stones mirror the texture of cedar. I also selected green sapphire as a complement to the color palette of cedar, infusing the designs with a harmonious blend of nature's hues. Some of the pieces in this collection were limited edition and are no longer available, but you can shop the made to order cedar pieces here.


In the spring of 2022, I decided to expand beyond solely botanicals and encompass a broader nature theme. With The Teton Collection, I aimed to capture the enchantment that thrives in the majestic landscapes of the Tetons.


Inspired by tranquil waters and awe-inspiring mountain vistas, each handcrafted piece was designed to transport wearers to serene moments of stillness and connection with nature. At the center of this collection is grandidierite, chosen for its stunning teal hues reminiscent of the pristine glacial and alpine waters that grace the Tetons. As wearers adorn themselves with these pieces, I hope they feel the calming and renewing essence of these colors, drawing them closer to the serene energy of these natural wonders.


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A Commitment to the Planet


On January 1st, 2023, I proudly became a member of 1% for the Planet, aligning my values with my actions. As a small business, I understand the importance of giving back and protecting the environment that inspires me. A minimum of one percent of my revenue now goes to approved environmental partners, allowing me to contribute to a healthier planet and ensure that future generations can continue to find solace and inspiration in nature's embrace. Click here to learn more about the sustainability measures I have in place

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As I celebrate this 4th birthday milestone, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who has been a part of this incredible journey. Your support, kind words and encouragement have inspired me to keep moving forward. If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to join the community. You’ll receive a complimentary stacking ring with your first order, exclusive early access to new collections, uplifting and inspirational emails and more. Rest assured, I value your inbox and promise not to overwhelm it. As a special birthday treat, I have a surprise promo in store for members only, which I'll be announcing in an upcoming email.

Thank you for adorning yourself with my handcrafted treasures and being advocates for nature's beauty. Cheers!

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