Teton Cuff

sterling silver

Embrace the call of nature with the Teton Cuff, designed to transport you to a cherished moment when you felt fully immersed in the serenity of a majestic mountain landscape.

For a harmonious ensemble, layer it with a Grandidierite Cuff, creating a symbolic representation of a tranquil lake nestled at the base of the mountains. Together, they form a wearable tribute to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature's interconnected elements.

This cuff can be made in sizes XS-L. For a perfect fit, refer to the Cuff Bracelet Size Chart to measure your wrist. Putting on this cuff is simple: position the opening over the narrow part of your wrist near the thumb side and roll it gently across the top. Slight adjustments can be made if necessary, ensuring a comfortable fit. However, once adjusted, it is advised to maintain the shape without further alteration, as excessive pulling or pushing may affect its form or cause it to crack. 

Watch this piece come to life!



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