Ear Threaders

sterling silver & semi precious stones

55-60mm long

If you've never worn ear threaders, trust us... you'll love 'em! These earrings are extremely lightweight making them a perfect everyday earring yet durable enough for your hiking and adventures. Each gorgeous stone reflects the beauty of nature in the Tetons. 

Tanzanite & Amethyst: For those who love flowers, tanzanite is the same color as the Teton's wild lupines and amethyst as larkspur. 

Blue Moss Kyanite and Tourmaline: For those drawn to water, these stones reflect the pristine lakes and rivers.

Green Rutile: For those who appreciate evergreen forests, green rutile represents delicate pine needles. (Check out larger green rutile ear threaders with a patina here).

Green Kyanite: For those whose favorite season is spring, green kyanite shares the same color as freshly sprouted aspen leaves.

This earrings will be made to order.

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