Cedar Ear Jackets with Green Sapphire

sterling silver, 14k gold & green sapphire

Limited Availability: Only 5 in total

Ever heard of ear jackets? These earrings are a fun and versatile choice if you're looking for a single piece to provide multiple looks! The stone is a completely separate piece from the cedar allowing the earrings to be worn three different ways.

The first way is by threading the ear post through the cedar prior to putting it through your ear so the cedar is in front of your earlobe like a classic earring. The second way is to thread the ear post through your ear and then through the cedar so the cedar is behind your earlobe adding some interesting depth to your look. The final way is to simply wear just the sapphire studs.

Choose your own stone pair from the last image.

See the FAQ page for details on made to order pieces.

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