New Cedar Pieces

Vertical Cedar Necklace, Vertical Cedar Necklace with Green Rutile and Medium Cedar Earrings.

Three new cedar designs are hitting the shop this week!

Here's everything you need to know...

-Members of the community will get to shop the new pieces 24 hours prior to everyone else via a secret link that will be emailed this week. Early access will begin at 5pm MT on Thursday, February 11th. If you're not already part of the community, don't fret... it's simple and free to join! Sign up here and you'll get early access to new pieces, exclusive offers and more. 

 -The Vertical Cedar Necklace with Green Rutile is a limited edition item. There are just 4 more stones set aside for this piece and once they're gone, they're gone. 

-The Medium Cedar Earrings and Vertical Cedar Necklace are not limited edition. However, I cast my work in small batches and base the number available for all my pieces on the castings I have ready. That way when you order, part of the process is already complete which speeds up the time it takes for me to finish it for you. While I intend to offer more of these two pieces in the future, it is never guaranteed.

-All of the new pieces will be made to order.

-Everyone who purchases one of the new pieces early in the first 24 hours will be entered to win a free pair of ear threaders with your choice of stone. Winner will be notified via email and ear threaders will ship with your order.

-You'll get 10% off the new pieces during the first 24 hours. You'll receive a discount code this week with the secret link.

-On Friday at 5pm MT, the remaining pieces will become publicly available.

Thanks in advance for your interest! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out via email at or via text at (307)206-4146.

And don't forget to join the community!