Narrow Lupine Cuff

sterling silver

Sometimes, a piece of jewelry is all we need to be reminded to live in the present moment. This lupine cuff is a talisman of sorts. Looking at the subtle texture throughout your day will remind you to take a closer look at the overlooked beauty that surrounds you. 

This bracelet has an earthy, satin finish, less reflective than a high shine, mirroring the softness of lupine petals. It is available in multiple sizes to ensure you get a comfortable fit. 

How to Put On

Place the opening of the cuff over the narrow part of your wrist on the thumb side. Roll the opening across the top of your wrist. If need be, you can very slightly adjust the opening to be the perfect space for your wrist ONE time. Once adjusted it should not be moved again. This is a cast cuff which does not like to be adjusted. Pulling the ends of the cuff away from each other or pushing them together can crack the the metal and/or alter the shape.

Cuff Bracelet Size Chart

This cuff will be made to order in your size. Please include your size in the notes at checkout or contact me after placing your order.

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